Jack Maynard is a musician, composer and lover of all things musical.  Performing live and creating soundtracks for film, commercials, theatre, dance and visual art, he currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with one wife, two children, no pets and a lot of instruments.  Far too many to mention here.  But not here.

Classically trained and gifted in composition, Jack has written for a wide range of creative projects.  The multi-instrumentalist's music has featured in commercial campaigns for several high profile brands including Nissan automobiles, Dunhill luxury accessories, Ørsted green energy and The Guardian newspaper.

Jack's compositions can also be heard enhancing artistic creations such as the award winning animation "The Bridge In Mind" (Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival) and the UK launch of photography publication "Land" (Steidl Books). Here are some of these films.

Collaborative projects include a scrap sculptural percussion instrument constructed in a public park from an old fridge, the "Vandstrument".  Jack has also contributed to the "Re.ad.just" programme, a collaboration for the London Barbican's summer exhibition "Radical Nature".

Always happy to work on challenging commissions or find more interesting collaborations, Jack would love to hear from you if there is a project out there in need of original, perfectly crafted music.  Just get in touch.